Product Care

Keep your towel in the best possible shape for as long as possible: tips and tricks

In order to make the most of your MIBODIA™ towel and ensure its longest possible lifespan, we highly recommend you to strictly follow the instructions mentioned on the care labels, as well as some additional precious tips.

1 Before your first use

The very first thing we strongly suggest you do, as a precautionary measure once you removed your towel from the clear poly bag, is to carefully inspect it to make sure everything is ok. We constantly run in-house as well as third-party quality inspections as an integral part of our manufacturing process, so the event of a faulty product being shipped would be highly unlikely. That said, it's always wise to also add a final layer of security with your inspection; early or immediate detection of defects would certainly enable us to better solve any possible inconvenience.

The fabric we use to manufacture all of our towels, the finest Turkish double-touch viscose from bamboo available on the market, is pre-washed as one of the final stages of its manufacturing process. With that being said, it is always a good practice that you first wash and dry your towel as per instructions on the care labels, before you start using it.

As our extensive tests have shown, even by observing our care instructions word for word, an initial minor shrinkage ranging between 0.5 in (1.27 cm) to 0.75 (1.9 cm) will normally occur, mostly lengthwise. We have consequently sized all of our items in consideration of this initial "physiological" shrinkage.

No further shrinkage has been observed during the following washing/drying cycles, in all our additional tests.

With that being said, we can't definitely rule out the possibility that, after your first washing and drying, the afore-mentioned initial shrinkage will occur in greater extent than the one emerged from our own tests.


2 Regular washing and drying

Machine wash in cold water with garments of similar colors, using a mild liquid detergent (no pods or powder). Do not use bleach or fabric softener; the latter can build up on towels which can cause weakening of the fibers and decrease absorbency. Promptly remove your towel from the washing machine once the washing cycle is over. Avoid letting your wet towel sit in the drum for too long, especially if you don’t want it to smell unpleasantly: set a timer if necessary.

Once you removed your towel from the washing machine, give it a gentle shake as this this fluffs the terry loops and will aid in the absorbency of your gym towel; also avoid wringing or squeezing.

Line dry is certainly the best option whether outdoors or indoors, ideally in sunny, fresh, dry and well-aired conditions. Key factor here is not the temperature but the humidity level, which would have to be as low as possible. 

Try to maximise the surface area exposed to the sun and the air, avoid folding the towel over, which halves their surface area. Make sure water has been adequately removed from the towel with the spin cycle before line-drying.

Tumble dry at low temperature could also be an option however, without dryer sheets as these can build up on towels, which can cause weakening of the fibers and decrease absorbency. Should your gym towel still be too damp at the end of the cycle, you can line-dry it as a finishing touch.

3 Steamer vs Iron

If you correctly follow our cleaning guidelines, chances are you won't even need to bother about ironing or steaming your towel.

However, should some creases and folds appear on your towel, definitely avoid ironing it which could not only decrease the absorbency of the towel but also burn and irreparably damage the silky-soft viscose from bamboo, which your towel is made of.

Steaming instead offers a way more gentle and safe de-wrinkling option than ironing, which perfectly suits the delicate fabric of your towel: The steam interacts with the fabric to loosen its tightened fibers caused by washing, drying or prolonged bunching.

Whether you choose a vertical standing clothes steamer with built-in rack to hang your towel or a portable hand-held one, you control the direction of the steam onto a wrinkled area without ever coming into direct contact with the fabric.

Make sure to choose the correct heating setting for your towel which should be among the cooler ones, for sensitive fabric.

Please remember to always use caution when handling a steamer, making sure none of your body parts comes in direct contact neither with the heated parts of the device nor with the steam jet, as these could cause serious burns.

Always use our free laundry bag to safely wash your towel

Avoid letting your damp towel sit in any bag for too long

In fact, when the moisture caught in your towel or in any other garment does not have a chance to properly dry in a ventilated environment, it will create favorable conditions for the proliferation of bacteria and mildew, causing the pungent musty smell. 

Therefore, as we recommended taking your laundry out of the washing machine and, if applicable, the tumble dryer as soon as the respective cycles are over we also recommend removing any damp item from your gym bag as soon as you get home: give it a gentle shake and hang it to dry in a cool and sufficiently ventilated place before storing it in a drawer or dumping it with the laundry bag.

Remember, your wearable MIBODIA towel is a precious item and not an ordinary towel, give it the attention it deserves!

Keep your towel for training sessions not bathroom routines

There is a good reason for this: all of our towels have been specifically designed and manufactured to efficiently absorb sweat during any training exercise, from low to high intensity and duration.

This very specific purpose allows us to use for our products a lighter and thinner type of towel fabric than the one needed for bath/face/hand towels, whose purpose is to absorb higher volumes of water. 

Lighter towelling fabric means shorter drying times but the strong and long loops of our special double-sided viscose from bamboo, will still guarantee an exceptionally high water absorption to keep you dry and comfortable while you exercise.  

Download the PDF version of the care instructions

Some people understandingly might chose to cut out the care labels for obvious reasons. Should this also be the case with you, please do so carefully in order not to inadvertendly cut part of the fabric too in the process.

Because the removed labels might end up lost, it will turn out handy to download the care instructions on any of your device and conveniently check them when needed.

Re-usable Packaging Bag

Re-seal and keep it aside, at least until you are certain you will not return your towel.

Sewed-in magnetic buttons

Our gym towel M-wel is equipped with two strong sewed-in magnetic buttons, which allows the left and right front parts to hold firmly hold together and prevent the towel from falling when for instance exercising on the treadmill.

One button is the “+” or “north” side and the other one the “-” or “south” side, each containing a round plastic-covered N52-grade neodymium magnet. This magnet is made in China in compliance with Directive 2011/65/EU (ROHS2).

The “+” and “-“ sides are sewed one on the left and one on the right front parts of the M-wel towel.

Pacemaker and ICD wearers

In case you wear a pacemaker or a cardioverter-defibrillators (ICD), and wish to purchase our M-wel gym towel, please seek first a a medical advice from your physician, cardiologist or any other relevant health practitioner, to confirm the above-mentioned magnetic button will not interfere with the proper functioning of your implanted device.

Storage of electronic devices and magnetic-stripe cards in the left-hand side pocket.

Do not place items equipped with a magnetic strip such as hotel key cards, credit and debit cards in the left-hand side front pocket on the M-wel gym towel, as there is a chance these items will demagnetize.

As far as electronic devices such as smartphones and mp3 players go, our tests showed no interference of the magnetic button on such devices. Despite the considerable strength of said magnet, the pvc and fabric layers seemed to effectively shield such devices from the magnetic effect of the button.

That said, please confirm with your local retailer or the manufacturer that the M-wel magnetic button will not interfere in any way with your electronic device. 

Fire and chocking hazards

Textiles are flammable materials which ignite easily and burns rapidly with a flame, Especially if not treated chemically with fire-retardant. Depending on their fibre content, fabrics have various levels of flammability. Linen and cotton are two of the easiest fabrics to ignite because their texture is lightweight while rayon ranks beneath them.

It is therefore of vital importance to keep your wearable gym towel a safe distance from any source of fire or of unusually extreme heat (from 440 to 460 °F / 227 to 238°C). 

It is also worth mentioning that these gym towels are not toys and should therefore be kept out of reach from babies and young children.

The free laundry bag included with every purchase on, is equipped with a removable zipper puller in soft rubber and customized with our logo, which makes zipping and unzipping way easier.

In case you do not wish to use the zipper puller, please make sure to keep it out of reach of children and babies due to the high risk of suffocation that it entails, if swallowed.