Our Fabric

5 years of relentless research across the world...

...and thorough testing is what took us, to find the very best fabric for our wearable sport towels : premium double-sided viscose from bamboo. This luxurious fabric we use for all of our products successfully checked all the boxes in terms of properties that we were looking at.

Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification

The double-touch viscose from bamboo used for all of our towels, has been produced by manufacturing processes which have been certified Oeko-Tex Standard 100, the global testing and accreditation system for the screening of harmful substances within consumer textiles, which certifies our fabric does not contain any harmful chemicals.

Quality control

Our strict quality control protocol comprises of thorough testing and inspections at three different levels:

By the fabric manufacturer throughout the entire production process

By leading world-wide renown third-party inspection company Bureau Veritas

By us MIBODIA as part of the final approval of our end-products 

Made in Turkey

Turkey is one of the leading manufacturers of towels/towel fabrics world-wide, a true powerhouse especially when it comes to expertise and product quality; almost an art in its own way, perfected throughout the centuries. In fact, the origins of Turkish towels date to about the 7th century A.D and were initially used for the most part at ceremonial baths, gradually becoming an important part in social life. 

This long-standing and rich tradition together with the unique qualities of Turkish cotton fibers in particular, have made Turkish towels so popular across the world.

Having dealt with and tested countless samples of fabric from around the world, we can definitely confirm first-hand the undoubted superiority of the Turkish towelling fabric compared to its competitors. 

A blend of different fibers

A fiber is the smallest visible unit of any textile product. Fibers are flexible and spun into yarn which in turn are used to make fabrics. Our premium fabric is made of a harmonious blend of different textile fibres (50% polyester, 35% viscose from bamboo, 15% cotton), perfectly combined to offer a wide range of qualities we mentioned here-above. 

Ideal fabric weight

Fabric weight is a fundamental factor when it comes to choosing the right fabric. The most common method of measuring fabric weight in textile industry is  a metric measurement called GSM, standing for grams per square meter (basically how much 1 square meter of fabric weighs). Considering the intended use of our towels, which is absorbing sweat during sport activities and more generally physical exercises, a GSM of 330 is just about the ideal weight required; bath towels for instance require a higher GSM to ideally fulfill their intended purpose of absorbing higher volumes of water.

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